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3 Tracks 1 Major

Your degree needs to be as multi-facets as you are. Students enroll as non-majors during their first two undergraduate years and engage in transdisciplinary study through ICI’s track specialty. ICI intentionally designs our program across subjects to challenge and strengthen student acumen and intellect, enabling students to make informed decisions and resolve complex issues in our time.


Globalization & Democratic Governance


Asian Society & Sustainable Development


Global Technology & Innovation Management

Program Features

    • Innovative CurriculumInnovative teaching modules that span across universities, nations, and disciplines.
    • Creative ThinkingTransform traditional specialist-education to talent cultivation of all facets.
    • International VisionsEnglish-taught courses with abundant opportunities for overseas exchange and internships.
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Global Visions For A Forward-Looking Society

ICI integrated connections of our partner schools, contributing to the international exchange of academic research and fostering student exchanges. With over 600 partner universities in active relations, students have multiple opportunities to conduct researches of their specialized fields (Capstone Project) in their 3rd & 4th years. Alternative, they can take on internships in NGOs, or enterprises overseas.