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International College of Innovation (ICI)

Quality Education in “Asian Studies”,  “Global Governance and Sustainable Development” and “Global Technology and Innovation Management”

Founded in 2018, International College of Innovation (ICI) is the tenth college of National Chengchi University (NCCU) that blends innovation and global governance.  ICI upholds its mission to provide quality education in Asian Studies, Global Governance and Sustainable Development, and Global Technology and Innovation Management. Our goal is to understand Asia in a dynamic global context, recognize the potential of Asian century and cultivate young talents.

Be prepared for an Asian Century

Asia has the second and the third largest economies with a majority of newly industrialized countries. There are new areas of demand calling for a more inclusive and innovative perspective cutting across the conventional theories, rationales, mechanisms and institutes of global governance in Asia. Instead of only considering the great powers, rising powers and middle powers could take up more roles in agenda setting. Small powers, regional institutions and NGOs could have more space practicing their agencies in economics, commerce, technology, diplomacy, security and politics.

Three Pillars: “Asian Studies,  “Global Governance and Sustainable Development” and “Global Technology and Innovation Management”

ICI provides three pillars for students to adapt and utilize this transformation in Asian region. First, in light of “Asian Studies, Global Governance and Sustainable Development, and Global Technology and Innovation Management”,  students will be familiar with current trends of sustainable development goal, Asian’s politics, society, history, culture, economy and emerging technologies.

They will also gain the knowledge, practical skills, and confidence they need to become a successful business leader in our curriculum of commerce. Second, ICI will increase students’ competitive advantage in their further studies or career where information technology and computing systems can be applied to support research, business and communication needs.

From Curriculum to Career Readiness

Our curriculum is designed for the promotion of interdisciplinary, cross-national and cross-cultural research and career preparation. We aim to nurture young professionals and entrepreneurs to be multilingual, well-prepared for the undated technologies and well-immersed in the issues of global governance in Asia. We provide worldly-renowned faculty members including distinguished professors, ambassadors, retired admirals, legislators, and top-performing CEOs. With a diverse background of participants in ICI, constructive dialogues and cooperation can be engaged via exchanged views, perceptions, experiences and information from every region of Asia. ICI does not just teach. It fosters the connection to future career.

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