ICI is dedicated to cultivate students of outstanding capabilities in languages, global mindset, entrepreneurship, and versatile leadership. The conversion of traditional tertiary education from mono-disciplinary focus to cross-disciplinary on three primary subjects: Asian Study & Sustainable Development, Globalization & Democratic Governance, Global Technology & Innovation Management. These courses are specifically designed through the arrays of ICI’s courses and capstone projects, allowing students to have clear insights on the latest world issues and upscaling their analytic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Pivotal foundation of ICI’s bachelor programs set itself in becoming a communal learning platform for the younger generations to acquire essential skills for future career placement. Characterized by its inclusion and diversity of values and culture, ICI provides the most front-ended learning environment where students can be fully-immersed in various political and culture backgrounds, preparing themselves for to be innovative front-runner in global leadership of all aspects in the future.

  • English-taught program: suitable for students wish to engage in international activities and overseas career prospective.
  • Trans-disciplinary and international curriculum design focusing on innovative thinking and diverse culture inclusion.
  • Offering pragmatic courses for data science and Big data analysis, integrating the latest trends and pragmatic trainings for career development.
  • Encourage students to engage in overseas exchange and internships for the enhancement of student mobility and construct diverse worldviews.