2020 Global Governance Summer School, July 6~August 14

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🙋‍♀ Introduction

2020 G2S2 (July 6~August 14, 2020)

The Global Governance Summer School (G2S2) is the inaugural academic program of the International College of Innovation at National Chengchi University. The G2S2 is a 6-week, intensive, certificate-granting seminar with academic credits designed for graduate and post-graduate students from around the world who are potential leaders and considered young experts in their fields. The scope of the program is broad enough that students from a wide array of interests will find value in participating in the program but the focus on Asia along with global governance enables students to develop specific understanding of a critical region. By using a interdisciplinary curriculum, G2S2 invites lecturers with a variety of backgrounds, such as retired government officials & ambassadors, global governance experts, distinguished scholars & professors, top-performing enterprise leaders and more to give students multiple learning components.

The purpose of the G2S2 program is to:

  1. Train future leaders from countries around the world in Taiwan
  2. Develop stronger ties between and among countries
  3. Incubate advanced scholarly research
  4. Cultivate potential start-up companies

*Participants that complete all of the program requirements will earn a Certificate of Global Governance from NCCU.

Partner University


Program Fee

Registration Fee US$300 (NT$9,300)

  • Non-refundable

Tuition Fee US$2,000 (NT$60,000)

  • 6 courses (Module 1+Module 2 or 3)
  • Cultural trips & Company visits
  • Insurance (the period of G2S2)

Campus Housing US$600 (NT$19,000)-Optional

  • On-campus dormitory
  • Shared room
  • Bedding included

Chinese Language Class US$300 (NT$9,300)-Optional

  • 3 classes a week, 4 weeks in total
  • Cultural classes included

🏆 G2S2 Award

G2S2 is a valuable investment for your future. ICI proudly supports your study by introducing the G2S2 Award. The award covers partial tuition fee, campus housing, Chinese language class.

  • Regular G2S2 Award: An award value of US$ 1,300 including partial tuition fee, campus housing and Chinese language class.
    Total Program Fee paid by Regular Award Recipient: US$1,900
  • Partner University Award (Including affiliated university)An award value of US$1,700 including partial tuition fee, campus housing and Chinese language class.
    Total Program Fee paid by Partner University Award Recipient: US$1,500

*Current student only

To apply for G2S2 Award, please download the G2S2 Award Application Form

📄 Application

Required documents for registration:
1. CV/ Resume
2. Statement of Purpose
3. Photo copy of Passport
4. English Proficiency Documents (eg. IELTS/TOFEL) (Required if English is not your native language)
5. G2S2 Award Application Form (for G2S2 Award applicants only)


Phase One

  • Deadline of applications/G2S2 Award: March 20th 12:00 pm (Taipei Time)
  • Review Period: March 23th-April 2nd  
  • Result of the Phase One application: April 3rd

Phase Two (Final Application)

  • Final deadline of 2020 G2S2 application: April 26th 12:00 pm (Taipei Time)
  • Review Period: April 27th-May 5th
  • Result of the final applications: May 6th


  1. All applicants are eligible to apply for financial aid.
  2. Due to the limited quota of G2S2 Award, please seize the opportunity by the deadline.
  3. For G2S2 Award, please download the G2S2 Award Application Form
  4. Any applications submitted after May 5th will be considered only on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances.

📚Course Structure

With ambition to a more excellent achievement, 2020 G2S2 is going to evolve with a more systematical class structure.  Within the six-week program, there are 3 modules designed for the program.

  • Module 1 (Comprehensive Courses)

This module covers two topics including Asian Politics, Society, History and Culture & Entrepreneurship, Business and Global Governance.

  • Module 2 & Module 3 (Core & Advanced Courses)

Students will be required to take module 1 to obtain the comprehensive knowledge, and each student should select a second module (module 2 or 3) according to their interest in either global governance or Asian studies. Both of module 2 and 3 are particularly composed of core and advanced courses. Therefore, in order to thoroughly complete the program, every student will take six courses in total.

Beyond standard academics, G2S2 academics and professionals will lead expert seminars. This will enable participants from all fields to engage at high levels and immerse themselves in the most pressing challenges facing various communities, including business, technology, humanitarian, security, and diplomatic fields.

*ICI reserves the right to modify and change the details of the event.